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Get a glimpse of Duluth on TLC

The Willis Clan. (Photo courtesy of Brenda Willis)

A family of musicians who performed daily during the Arrowhead Home & Builders Show in April will premiere its reality show next week on cable television.

"The Willis Family" airs at 9 p.m. Tuesday on TLC, and scenes from the group's visit to Duluth are expected to be included in the first episode.

The Tennessee-based brood of Irish-bluegrass-pop musicians includes the 12 children of Brenda and Toby Willis — ranging in age from 22-year-old singer-songwriter Jessica Willis to the tiny dancer, 5-year-old Jada Willis. The Willis Clan has played the Grand Ole Opry, "America's Got Talent" and the "Today Show." Brenda Willis told the News Tribune in April that the family has booked live gigs through St. Patrick's Day 2016.