A box of maple syrup cans coming through the U.S. border could have provided more than a sugar high.

The steel maple syrup cans provided a guise for marijuana coming into the United States from Canada earlier this month.

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Two Canadians heading south declared they had a few marijuana joints while going through the Pigeon River border crossing April 7. The declaration prompted a vehicle search and Customs and Border Patrol agents found a case of maple syrup cans in the vehicle, according to Cook County Sheriff Pat Eliasen.

However, when the agents picked up the cans, they found that the cans weren't as heavy as they would have been if they contained maple syrup. Eliasen said the cans contained a total of nearly a pound of marijuana.

Customs and Border Patrol contacted the Cook County Sheriff's Office and a deputy arrested one of the two vehicle occupants on a charge of felony possession of a controlled substance, who was then released to Canada, according to Eliasen.