HAWLEY, Minn. – A pilot made an emergency landing on a western Minnesota highway after his plane's engine quit Tuesday, and clipped a car that it overtook on the road.

The Minnesota State Patrol reported that the single-engine 1979 Mooney Aircraft M20K took off from the Hawley, Minn., airport heading west, bound for Minot, N.D., just before noon.

"At about 1,000 feet, the engine quit and the pilot had to turn and find an emergency landing spot," the Patrol reported. The pilot and a passenger located a clear spot on U.S. Highway 10, and successfully landed the plane.

"A Ford Fusion was eastbound on Highway 10 in front of the plane," the Patrol reported. "After the plane landed, it caught up to the Fusion. The driver noticed a plane behind her in her mirror as it was catching up to the car. The plane prop struck the rear of the driver’s side before she could drive into the ditch."

The car was a Clay County vehicle. The driver, a 39-year-old Fargo woman, was not injured.

The Patrol reported that the plane was pushed off the roadway into a residential driveway. The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration are investigating.