A Canadian National Railway train derailed southeast of Cotton early Wednesday.

The derailment involved three hazardous materials cars among the 13 cars involved in the incident, a CN spokesperson said. There is no danger to public safety, said the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office in a news release.

There were no breaches of the hazardous materials cars, said the sheriff's office, and no injuries.

The train totaled 107 cars including nine cars containing potentially hazardous or dangerous materials, the sheriff's office said. Thirty of the train's cars were empty and the balance contained "plastic pellets," the CN spokesperson said.

"CN has crews, including hazardous materials specialists, mobilized," CN spokesperson Patrick Waldron said. "We'll conduct a cleanup and full investigation into the cause of this morning's accident. We'll bring in heavy equipment that will allow them to clean up and move the rail cars."

The derailment occurred at 3:23 a.m., approximately 1 ½ miles south of Three Lakes Road in the vicinity of the intersection of Three Lakes and Munger Shaw roads, about 25 miles northwest of Duluth.

The Grand Lake, Northland, Cotton and Fredenberg fire departments responded to the scene.

No cause has been determined, the sheriff's office said.