New fox and monkey exhibits are planned at the Lake Superior Zoo after the zoo enjoyed a strong year in 2014.

“We’re looking forward to a new year,” said Dawn Mackety, who has just wrapped up her first year as the zoo’s CEO.

Two silver foxes will be displayed after platforms, furniture and steps are added and the exhibit is painted, according to a zoo announcement Saturday. The fox exhibit will be centrally located at the zoo, next to the goral and white-naped crane yard.

This year’s plans also include renovating and expanding an exhibit for two swamp monkeys who are prominently featured in the main zoo building. A new connected external exhibit is meant to bring the monkeys closer to visitors inside and outside, the zoo announced.

Mackety said staff plans to expand educational programming and events, now that a new event coordinator was brought on board last year. They also hope to get another Zoomobile up and running to be able to add more programs.

The zoo saw an increase of $2 million in revenue and 33 more visitors last year than in 2013, according to the announcement. The zoo’s annual Halloween festival, Boo at the Zoo, had a record attendance for the event, with a 31 percent increase over its 2013 attendance, and has shown steady growth in the past decade.

Zoo staff did quite a lot last year to boost revenue, Mackety said.

Eleven animals were added last year, including a six-banded armadillo, an African crested porcupine, two swift foxes, a turkey vulture and three southern flying squirrels. Four lemurs were born at the zoo last year, too, generating a lot of interest.

“They’re cute to watch,” Mackety said.

The zoo’s historical WPA-era pavilion also was renovated by the Lake Superior Zoological Society, doubling the zoo’s classroom and programming space and providing a place for activities indoors during inclement weather, Mackety said.

The zoo’s other work last year included bringing in $92,610 in donations and sponsorships through six events and launching a new zoo website, according to the announcement.

The announcement was made Saturday during Zoo La La, the zoo’s annual celebration dinner. About 250 people were expected to attend the event, Mackety said.

“It sets us up for a lot of excitement in the coming year,” she said of Zoo La La.

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