I found it deplorable that the News Tribune chose to slam City Councilor Garry Krause for his vote against the $129,000 utility bailout for the Great Lakes Aquarium (Our View: "Aquarium: Still moving ahead"). Krause, like many other fiscally responsible Duluthians, obviously doesn't believe in throwing good money after bad. Perhaps he thought the money would be better spent fixing our failing city wastewater system or on our pothole-stricken roadways.

Kudos to the aquarium's current executive director, Jack LaVoy, for operating the aquarium in the black in 2011. However, for the News Tribune to proudly proclaim the aquarium is nearing "self-sufficiency" after receiving a major bailout was pure nonsense.

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Why should we praise our City Council for writing the aquarium yet another six-figure bailout check? Councilor Krause should be applauded for refusing to vote for this foolishness.

Chris Lindberg