Global Warming 101 Expedition

WHAT: Will Steger is leading an eight-person team on dogsleds across 1,200 miles of Baffin Island in Canada's eastern Arctic.

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WHEN: Feb. 24 to about May 10.

WHERE: Started in Iqaluit in Canada's Nunavut, has traveled to Pangnirtung and will also visit Qikiqtarjuaq, Clyde River and Igluik.

PURPOSE: To bring attention to global warming and how it's affecting Inuit life.

DOCUMENTARY FILM: Steger, together with Virgin Airways founder Sir Richard Branson of Great Britain and Ed Viesturs, a high-altitude mountaineer from Washington, are producing a documentary based on the expedition and interviews with Inuit elders. Branson and Viesturs will join the team in Clyde River and continue on to the expedition's conclusion at Iglulik.

EDUCATIONAL CONNECTION: Find daily dispatches from the trail and other information on the expedition's Web site,