MATCH BACKGROUND: Jane is a teacher at Lowell Elementary School and Elizabeth is a sixth-grader. They met when Elizabeth was a student in Jane's class. After Elizabeth moved on to the next grade, Jane discovered she was waiting for a mentor. Jane decided it would be fun to expand their friendship beyond the school setting, so she became her mentor.

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ACTIVITIES: Jane and Elizabeth like trying new things in the community. They've gone to a ballet, seen plays, shopped, seen movies, walked the Lakewalk and taken in a baseball game. One of their favorite activities is cooking, especially baking cookies. They recently made a gingerbread house together and, though it wasn't the sturdiest, they had a great time doing it. Elizabeth enjoys visiting Jane's house and playing games, and Jane enjoys just sitting next to a bonfire in the backyard together.

SPECIAL MOMENT: Jane and Elizabeth have done a lot of fun activities, but both agree a favorite outing was when they volunteered to help with a cleanup along the North Shore Scenic Railroad tracks. Afterward, they were rewarded with a train ride and pizza lunch. Hanging out, laughing and picking up the garbage was just as much fun as riding the train.

QUOTE: Elizabeth says, "My mentor is really nice. We get along great." She thinks the mentor program is "great" and "amazing," Jane says, "I really enjoy having 'girl' time with Elizabeth." Jane enjoys being able to share new experiences with Elizabeth.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: If you would like to mentor a child through the Mentor Duluth program, please contact the YMCA at 722-4745, ext. 120. You can contact a Mentor Duluth site at one of the following locations:

* Boys & Girls Club of Duluth, 2623 W. Second St., 725-7706.

* Valley Youth Center, 727 N. Central Ave., 628-4896.

* Neighborhood Youth Services, 310 N. First Ave. W., 723-3522.

* Copeland Community Center, 1112 N. Lake Ave., 279-2543, ext. 102.

* YWCA of Duluth, 202 W. Second St., 722-7425.