Mentor Duluth matches caring adults with children who can benefit from positive role models. Contact one of the following offices to learn how you can volunteer and make a difference in a child's life.

NAME: Krystal

AGE: 12

INTERESTS: Krystal has many interests, including arts and crafts and diving. She has been playing the flute for several years. She enjoys helping people, learning and participating in new things.

PERSONALITY: Krystal is a quiet girl, although she is not shy. She is outgoing and likes things that require mental challenges. She loves to travel and also likes to reflect on her experience by scrapbooking.

GOALS/DREAMS: Krystal is unsure of her career goals at this time, but she does know that she would like to finish high school and attend college.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: If you would like to mentor Krystal, contact Carol at 725-7706, ext. 518 or e-mail:, or if you would like to mentor any other child through the Mentor Duluth program, please contact the YMCA at 722-4745, ext. 120. You can also contact a neighboring Mentor Duluth site at one of the following locations:

Boys & Girls Club of Duluth, 2623 W. Second St., 725-7706.

Valley Youth Center, 727 N. Central Ave., 628-4896.

Neighborhood Youth Services, 310 N. First Ave. W., 723-3522.

Copeland Community Center, 1112 N. Lake Ave., 279-2543, ext. 102.

YWCA of Duluth, 202 W. Second St., 722-7425.