For 137 years, the Duluth News Tribune and its sister and predecessor newspapers have been a part of the Northland, chronicling the region's joys and sorrows, triumphs and disappointments, rebirth and renewal. Often called the first draft of history, the newspaper offers an unfiltered look into the hearts and minds of area residents when great events shake their region and world, or when everyday incidents make them laugh or cry.

But you know that; it's why you're reading these pages.

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Somewhere between the momentous and mundane -- and most likely toward thelatter -- are the stories of those who bring you the newspaper. One is being written this weekend as Marti Buscaglia ends her tenure as publisher of the News Tribune and Steve McLister begins his.

Buscaglia came to the News Tribune in 2002 and has been a tireless and influential force in the community while ushering the newspaper into a new world of news, no longer limited by the printed page. Her stewardship in both arenas is appreciated, and she will be missed. We wish her well.

McLister's solid background is a strong foundation for the News Tribune to continue on that journey, serving our customers in a new age of media limited only by imagination, while delivering our traditional product. An enthusiastic "people person," as McLister calls himself, his energy and talent are a community asset waiting to be tapped.

The comings and goings of publishers are always fodder for inside-journalism blather (yes, sometimes more than we would want), laced with speculation about radical, immediate change in the newspaper -- which rarely happens so drastically.

Sorry. It didn't happen last night, when the changing of the guard occurred. This morning's paper made it into your hands (or on your computer screen), just as on countless days before, forged by thousands who have labored to bring you the stories of our city and region. For 137 years.