Back efforts to stopillegal immigration

Regarding the Associated Press news story, "Troopers bust truckers with ton of marijuana," (May 31): Imagine that; who would have thought that illegal immigrants would truck in illegal substances to Minnesota up Interstate 35 from the Mexican border?

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Thank goodness for our alert Minnesota highway patrolmen!

Please support the efforts to control the borders now -- before 20 million more illegal immigrants demand their "rights" and $2 trillion to $3 trillion in social benefits. Cheap labor only deprives our young students entry-level opportunities in the job market.

According to U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, each day, 30 Americans are killed by illegal immigrants -- including about 15 by intoxicated drivers and 15 by murderers. We are being invaded one illegal immigrant at a time.

Jon Leppala


With headphone ban,he'll tune out of Grandma's

I am originally from Superior and now make my home in Houston, Texas. I have finished several Grandma's Marathons, beginning with my first in 1984. I have a lifetime membership in the race, and it has become a big part of my life.

Unfortunately, this relationship is now in jeopardy because of the race's new ruling regarding headphone use ("Muted marathon: Runners have to give up their iPods, or face disqualification," June 10).

I have run for about 25 years and never had a problem while wearing my headphones. The new policy lets runners compete but disqualifies them for wearing headphones.

I believe that this ruling was put in place to satisfy the sanctioning bodies they feel are so important. Maybe they have forgotten the rest of us in the back of the pack, the regular people like myself, who like to run and have fun with the race.

I will never give up my right to listen to my music. Unless changes are made, I now wash my hands of the race and its ridiculous new rule.

Christian Hilton


Enforcement next stepin smoking ban

The problems that bar owners are facing with smokers need to be dealt with in a direct manner by the Cloquet Police Department. ("Pack of hassles', June 21) If you do not deal with a problem and that is your job, you become the problem. After a short time, the word will get around and the problem will go away. This is a law that must be enforced. We are past the point where this issue will be revisited. It is only going to get more restrictive for smokers.

Daniel Conley


Red plan closes most sensible school site

Regarding the school district's red plan, what an asinine plan! Why the haste to close Central High School? Central is the newest of the three high schools. It sits on 70 acres, which is plenty of room for expansion for a swimming pool or other needs, and it has plenty of parking availability. The other schools are older, sit on 40 acres or less, and have no potential for expansion or increased parking unless the surrounding neighborhoods are bought up and razed.

Why does Superintendent Dixon want to push this plan through without a public vote? He said that 300 people were asked about this plan, in a city of 86,000-plus. Gee, that really sounds like an unbiased sampling of Duluthians.

Central is more centrally located in the city than Ordean and Denfeld. Oh, and when we have to pay off the millions in contractor fees, instead of just raising our taxes, why don't we offset the cost factor by selling off the prime real estate that Central High School sits on to condominium developers? Duluth just doesn't have enough condos, does it?

Is that really Dixon's driving force? Making Duluth more tourist friendly? In the News Tribune's June 20 online survey, 35 percent of respondents were in favor of a new plan, while 33 percent were in favor of the red plan. There is enough of a difference to reconsider this decision. If this decision were put up for a public vote, and the majority ruled in favor of it, then I stand corrected. But what is Superintendent Dixon afraid of in not letting us all vote on it as we are democratically allowed?

Sue Kohlbry