Rebecca Otto can clean up mess in auditor's office

What is going on at the state auditor's office? It seems like Pat Anderson cannot seem to get audits right. For instance, in a e-mail I got from the Rebecca Otto campaign committee, "The Minnesota Department of Education data shows total school revenue for 2005 was $8,648,241,495, but the state auditor's report lists total school revenue for the same period of $8,735,709,448 or $87,467,953 more. How does Pat Anderson explain mistake after mistake in calculations? Give the taxpayers a break.

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This is one reason why Anderson should not be reelected as state auditor. Another reason is her messed-up analysis of city government spending that led to local government aid cuts that cost taxpayers more money. She calls herself the taxpayers' watchdog? I don't think so.

If you want a real taxpayers' watchdog that can get audits done accurately, vote for Rebecca Otto on Nov. 7.

Brandan Fiedler


Voters shouldn't forget Republican failures

Have we had enough of the negative campaign ads yet? What a desperate attempt to try to make us forget about the continuous stream of scandals that plague our country. But as Abraham Lincoln said, "You can't fool all of the people all of the time." We haven't forgotten which political party has been in power for almost six years. They've had their opportunity to show us what their plan looks like. And, oh, what they've shown us!

Unless we want more endless floundering in Iraq, more promotion of anti-American terrorism, more skyrocketing debt with perks for the rich, more attacks on our Constitution, and more lies, we need to restore some balance to our federal government. If you wish to have more government accountability and less of the secrecy that clouds our democracy, please vote for your Democratic candidates. Without checks and balances, power does indeed corrupt.

If we're happy with the way things are, we can vote Republican. If we want to give up, we can skip voting. But if we think our country can be better than what we've seen lately, I hope we'll remember that on Nov. 7.

Doug Long

Rio Rancho, N.M.

It's good news when teens forsake superstitions

The Oct. 8 article, "Evangelical leaders fear the loss of teen believers," warns of teenagers abandoning faith in droves and the dismal prospect that only 4 percent of them will become "Bible-believing Christians" upon reaching adulthood.

To see their flocks diminish is, of course, anathema to the superstition pushers, as is the loss of gratification acquired from tainting tender minds with supernal nonsensicality.

Little do they suspect that the eventuality of humans to speculate reasonably regarding reality, perhaps putting us on a par with western Europe, is not only a possibility, but may even mitigate the warlike stance of U.S. policy and its insidious religious derivation.

William Lamppa


Save everybody from everything

I have a plan where we can save thousands of lives. I think we should make it illegal to have pets as they cause injury, spread illness and cause deaths every year. I also think that we should make household cleaning products illegal as many children are poisoned by such products every year. We should also outlaw bikes, skateboards and skates as many are injured and even die every year. I would also outlaw lawn mowers as thousands are injured every year.

We could also make it illegal to smoke, and that would save lives. Instead of making it wrong to be on Park Point after 10 p.m., just make it illegal to go on Park Point. If we made cars illegal that would save more lives and tax dollars than you could possibly imagine.

There is a whole list of things I would make illegal if I wanted to run a country like an ant farm and have no freedom, but if you want to live in a free country the only thing you could do to make it better is make politicians illegal.

Dan Johnson


Oberstar's contributions felt in Two Harbors

The residents of northern Minnesota are lucky to have Jim Oberstar as their representative.

He spends a great deal of time in the upper Midwest. He marches in many parades in northern Minnesota. He has marched in the Two Harbors Heritage Days Parades at least 16 times during my 18-year tenure as the parade chairwoman. He always stops to visit with the people along the route and knows them by their proper names. He makes a point to meet people he doesn't know.

He attends meetings in Two Harbors to help with the city's ongoing projects. He has toured the new equalization basin, the new high school and has worked diligently on the up-coming marina project.

The congressman is concerned with our community's youth and always inquires about their welfare. He supported the Gitchi-Gami Trail and has enjoyed several tours on it.

These are just a few of the accomplishments that Oberstar has completed for the city of Two Harbors.

He is the man to represent the residents of the 8th Congressional District.

Mary Rosati

Two Harbors