Duluth Public Schools open for another year tomorrow amid concerns over possible building closures and consolidations. With that shadow hanging over the community, it may be easy to be distracted from the task at hand -- educating our children -- or to say "no one cares" and put forth a slip-shod effort.

Thus, from the outset, let's all make one promise -- no matter what happens, we are going to make this year one of the best ever for the Duluth school system. This year, let's make a recommitment to excellence. Education occurs one mind at a time, so it is important for all of our students to set that goal to make this year better than last.

It's time for teachers to take a deep breath and rededicate themselves to one of life's most difficult, yet most satisfying professions.

It is time for parents to recommit themselves to their children, promising to ask about their homework and their classwork every night, teaching them and showing them good self-discipline, and making sure they get a good night's sleep every night so they always go to school prepared to learn.

And for all those who fit in none of those categories, it is time to reach out and become a friend of someone who is just starting out in life. That is what a community is all about.

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