Attack on Clinton inaccurate

To the Budgeteer:

In the March 28 edition of the "Budgeteer News," Dick Palmer wrote an article titled, "Our Bill makes history every day." The tone of the article suggests that he does not have a very high opinion of President Clinton, and that is certainly his right.

However, this low-road piece of journalism, filled with inaccuracy, is the very poison that gives the responsible media a black eye. For example, he states, "The Democratic fund-raisers and the White House estimate Mr. Clinton is responsible for raising $500 million and perhaps a billion since 1992, for his own campaigns and for democratic candidates. He is also helping Vice President Gore and Hillary Rodham Clinton raise millions of dollars for their own campaigns. He also is soliciting money for his presidential library. Who better than our Bill to achieve such acclamation?"

I wonder, did Ronald Reagan or George Bush raise money for their own presidential campaigns and for Republican candidates? Is President Bush raising money for his son's presidential campaign? Did Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush solicit money for their presidential libraries? Does the Budgeteer solicit money for subscriptions?

Now, we have to look at two statements that are nothing but bold face lies: "The fact is, everyday the president of the United States is on the move, using his own luxury jet, Air Force One. U.S. taxpayers cough up $1 million, regardless of the mission." If the trips were for the benefit of the citizens of our country, so be it, but assessing taxpayers $1 million per day for personal interests is ludicrous. Why do we put up with it? It isn't a Democratic or Republican issue. It is a deliberate rip-off, pure and simple."

The fact is, when the president and vice president make political trips, the Democratic Party foots the bill. Likewise, when Presidents Reagan and Bush traveled to political events, the Republican Party picked up the tab. This is common knowledge to any informed citizen. I think a retraction is in order here.

Chuck Morrison


(Editor's Note: The letter writer is correct that political parties pick up the cost of using Air Force One for political trips. The Budgeteer News regrets the error.)

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