20 Under 40: Terresa Moses

Terresa Moses, 32, Duluth What do you do? I am the creative director at Blackbird Revolt, an assistant professor of graphic design at UMD, and the creator and design researcher of Project Naptural. Education A Master of Fine Arts in design resear...

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Terresa Moses

Terresa Moses, 32, Duluth


What do you do?

I am the creative director at Blackbird Revolt, an assistant professor of graphic design at UMD, and the creator and design researcher of Project Naptural.




A Master of Fine Arts in design research and anthropology from the University of North Texas.


Community involvement

I serve on the executive board of the Duluth NAACP as the recording secretary and chair of the Young Adult Committee. I serve on the board of the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Committee as one of the co-chairs of the 2020 Planning Committee. I also serve on the board of AIGA Minnesota as the director of diversity and inclusion.


Tell us about your loved ones

My husband, Jordon, is a social-justice activist and community advocate in Duluth. He's my best friend, my support system and the realist I need on my side. My mother, Christine, is a psychologist, professor and veteran. She is my inspiration. My father, Oscar, is a retired veteran now working for the government in the private sector. He's where I get my love of all things nerdy and/or animated. I have three older siblings - Nicole, a mathematics professor and associate dean; Jennifer, a health care professional, and Randy, a small-business owner. Growing up as the baby of the family taught me to be tough. In each of their own ways, they encouraged and supported me. I have one niece, Jade, studying to become an actress. She's incredibly talented and I hope she doesn't forget her aunty when she's famous. My gram, Marian, is a retired nurse. She mastered being loving and stern and is one of the funniest people on earth. I have a large chosen family: Ashley, Lisa, Sandra, Daniel, Jara, Charern, Diona, Princess, Ivy, Susana, Paula, Sara and Stacy. Thank you all for the work you do, your support, encouragement and texting back.



What do you do in your free time?

With the bit of free time I have, I love to be around my close friends over a good meal and just be silly. I also binge-watch TV shows, play with my silly dog and occasionally create pretty things.


Tell us about an influential person in your life

Hands down, Jordon Moses. He is a most progressive person - unafraid to call out truth, no matter how hard it may be to hear. He continually pushes me to be a better person and considers my affect on others in my decision making. He is a creative and critical thinker, exactly who we need in our community to create equity.


What's the best decision you've ever made?


Accepting my teaching position at the university.


What is your biggest accomplishment?

I'm not sure I have one “biggest” accomplishment. It might be graduating with my MFA and becoming a professor while becoming a survivor of domestic violence. It might be starting Blackbird Revolt and seeing it flourish and become a way to progress this community. But perhaps my biggest accomplishments are found in the classroom, when I can influence young folks to use their abilities to change the world.


What keeps you in the Twin Ports?

The potential and hope in the community to become one of equity, and the part I have to play in that process.



Describe your happy place



What’s your five-year plan?

My five-year plan includes a tenure promotion and a physical location for Blackbird Revolt to create and work with creatives to affect positive change.


What words of wisdom do you have for young adults?

Equity isn't fair; it's right.

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