In response to Herb Palmer's article of March 26, Herb notes that the Second Amendment was adopted at a time when the deadliest personal weapons consisted of the one-shot flintlock rifle.

True, but he is implying that things are somehow different now. They aren't. Stop focusing on the gun. The point is that the citizens can control the government and prevent the government from controlling them.

Hubert Humphrey said, "The right of citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible."

Yes, tyranny can happen even in America. The point is that human nature never changes. Technology, dress, music and attitudes change, but not human nature.

Weapons as effective as those possessed by governments, in the hands of good decent people, are the solution to both the potential of tyranny and of crime. Since it is not possible to end violence and to take all of the weapons away from the bad guys, we must make sure the people are armed to resist the tyrant or criminal when he comes along.

Do hammers drive nails? The answer is no. People use hammers to drive nails. And so it is with guns. A gun can be loaded and cocked, and it will never hurt anyone. The only way it can is if someone behaves badly with it. As trite as it now sounds, it is nevertheless true that guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Herb's statement, "How different it is today with an assortment of weapons making it easy for children to shoot children," is nonsensical. Variety has nothing to do with "making it easy."

Also, children shooting children is extremely rare despite the media hype.

As for accidents, thanks to the National Rifle Association (NRA), firearm accidents involving children are at the lowest levels ever recorded in U.S. history. The NRA has spent $20 million on gun safety in the last five years alone. How much has Bill Clinton or Al Gore put toward gun safety training? Nothing. Is there an outcry for banning, registering or increasing the regulation of poisons, pools, bath tubs, motor vehicles, small objects, etc.? Why the hypocrisy? These things are involved in children's deaths more often than guns are.

Smart guns and trigger locks? Yeah, right. First, any safety device can be circumvented, and second, how many people are going to die because of these bright ideas? When you need a gun, you need it now, and it has to work, or you are dead. There is a practical limit to how safe we can make society. We have to break the bad habit of crying for more laws every time there is a tragedy. Herb doesn't think that gun registration will lead to a gun ban, because we have the power of the ballot box. Well, the people of the Soviet Union had the ballot box, but they were not able to vote themselves anything. Thank God, my gun rights come from God and not the majority.

Did you know that the people of Germany elected Hitler? Don't think gun bans can happen here? In New York City, not only is there a gun ban, but there was confiscation, made possible by registration required about 10 years earlier. Is Herb's ignorance the result of the media that he himself is a part of? All Herb is doing is what most newspapers do, which is to regurgitate the junk journalism they get from the biggest American newspapers. Herb really needs to stop reading the Washington Post.

A Media Research Center study of TV news segments on gun policy during a given period found 36 segments opposed more gun control while 357 advocated more gun control. An outright lie would damage their credibility. The media prefers biased reporting and lies by omission.

The most important lesson of the 20th century is that registration leads to confiscation which leads to genocide. At least 55 million people during the 1900s have been first disarmed, then killed by their own government.

Gun control has never worked to reduce crime or accidents. In fact, it causes death. The criminals will always have guns. The least we should do is even the odds.

Former legislative candidate Allan Kehr resides in Duluth.

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