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Melinda Lavine

Features Reporter
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“Most press people that I've run into ... many have fewer than 10 fingers," Janelle Miller said. While two were bandaged during a News Tribune visit, the Duluth woman had all 10.
“There’s a need to get your art out there, we just want to be a conduit for that."
From 3-6 p.m. Saturday, Randy Lee, Paul Ierino, John Thorene and Jerry Siptroth will perform trackside in the Train Museum.
“It’d be great to have volunteers manage every part of town, but there’s a limit to the available snowshoes."
Watch "Citizen Kane," North by Northwest" and more
2021 saw an explosion of puzzle libraries, a Black business showcase and three families merging into one mansion
A pastor jumps out of retirement, a mansion sells for millions and more.
Fr. Timothy Sas returns to the Minneapolis church of his early priesthood.
“People don’t have to give us anything. They can just greet us or say ‘hi,’ and I feel good that I can give back."
“I glibly say I used my poetry to get my wife. There’s some truth to that. Once I accomplished my goal, I quit," Mark Munger said.