Things we like: The Rambler's Gyro Burger and Reuben Fritters

The hand-pressed lamb and beef patty is the latest addition to the food truck's menu.

The Rambler's Gyro Burger is a clever and portable spin on a Greek restaurant staple, with a lamb and beef patty, cucumbers, feta and a homemade tzatziki. (Melinda Lavine /

I’ve visited The Rambler’s green food truck regularly for social distancing friend dates at the Rose Garden this summer. On my most recent trip, I wanted to try the latest addition.

The Gyro Burger has been on the menu for a few weeks, and our order-taker said it’s her favorite right now. I went for it, and an order of Reuben Fritters.

The hand-pressed patty, made from lamb and beef, was a good size, juicy and well-constructed. Thick, crisp slices of cucumber and tomato rested on top of it, and a small pile of greens and the food truck’s spicy tzatziki hugged the bottom bun.

Bits of feta crumbles escaped to the bottom of the container.

It’s a clever and portable spin on the gyro (pronounced yee-roh), a Greek restaurant staple.


The Reuben Fritters are balled-up spheres of corned beef, Swiss and sauerkraut. Fried and lightly breaded, you can see the tiny specs of seasoning on the fried exterior.

Biting into the fritter is a release of delicious heat. Shrouds of kraut and rich corned beef fall apart from their source, and the creamy Thousand Island tops it off with an irresistibly savory zing.

The Rambler's Reuben Fritters are balled-up spheres of corned beef, Swiss and sauerkraut topped off with a creamy Thousand Island that packs an irresistibly savory zing. (Melinda Lavine /

Fritters are a battered and fried meat, fruit or veggie, and the Rambler’s Reubens are my favorite interpretation so far. They’re four for $6, and half orders are available.

The Gyro Burger is $12, and top sellers the Mahi Mahi Tacos ($10) and the Teriyaki Pulled Pork ($9) aren’t far off.

The food truck offers vegetarian options in Falafel and tater tots.

At the Rose Garden, face-masked patrons stood a ways away from each other, one in scrubs, a couple in DFC T-shirts, one in a wheelchair. Some took their food on the road; we sat on a nearby bench, soaking up the sun with a view of our lake.


The Rambler


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