Things we like: Log Home's Open Range

Log Home Wood Fired Pizza's mobile oven cooks a pizza in 90 seconds.

The Open Range from Log Home Wood Fired Pizza comes with pesto, spinach, chicken, garlic oil, green onions and wild rice. (Melinda Lavine /

Smells of wood-fired deliciousness permeated the parking lot during my visit to Log Home Wood Fired Pizza. Based in McGregor, the mobile pizza biz makes in-season stops to Bent Paddle, Duluth Cider, and I caught them at the Hillside Whole Food Co-op last week.

Someone inside the food truck wiped down the laminated menus, and a big bottle of hand sanitizer was encased in a wooden-looking log — necessary and delightfully on theme.

The menu is a mix of choices: tomato, pesto or garlic oil sauces; five-cheese blend, cheddar and Parmesan; and many meat options, from prosciutto to pulled pork and classics sausage and pepperoni.

I ordered the Open Range because I wanted to go less classic, and I love pesto.


Their mobile, wood-fired oven weighs almost 8,000 pounds and cooks a pizza in 90 seconds.

Mine came out faster than I thought it would, with a beautifully thin crust with blackened bubbles dotting its outer edges. It was squishy and crispy in all the right places, with small pools of scrumptious garlic oil resting on top.

Flakes of wild rice and green onion ran throughout with morsels of shredded chicken and green spinach. While accustomed to more toppings, the amount was perfect for the light and airy crust. All the flavor minus the heaviness here.

The Open Range was $9.50, and it was a perfect light lunch with some nibbles for later.

Along with the Hunter, the Evergreen and the Lumberjack, Log Home Wood Fired Pizza offers some delectable-sounding Sugar Maple and S’Mores Dessert ’zas.

Some food for thought for next time.

Log Home Wood Fired Pizza


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