Things we like: India Palace’s Lamb Kashmiri

Smooth, creamy, settling with bursts of sweet — perfect for dipping naan.

The Lamb Kashmiri at India Palace in downtown Duluth. The dish comes with a decadent curry sauce, raisins, cashews and cubed lamb over basmati rice. Naan is extra (and worth it). (Melinda Lavine /

India Palace’s lunch buffet was always a treat in the heart of downtown. While the buffet is closed due to COVID, there are other tasty picks on the menu.

I went with their Lamb Kashmiri with a side of naan last week, and oh what a treat.

The naan — made with flour, yogurt and milk — came packed in parchment paper and foil. It was fresh and fluffy, with black and brown bubbled heat marks.

The order comes in two containers, one with basmati rice, another with the meat and sauce. I poured the thick over the tiny morsels of yellow and white.

Small cubes of tender and hearty lamb, raisins, cashews and apples swam in a sea of to-die-for sauce made with onion velouté and tomato pureé. It was smooth and creamy, settling with bursts of sweet from the apples and raisins — perfect for dipping naan.


Manager William Haralu said they focus on popular dishes from North India and enhancing the flavor.

“Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, what we do with some of these is take dry, whole spices, roast them first and ground them into powder before we start cooking with it.

“It’s a little more traditional,” he said.

They also make their own in-house yogurt for their sauces.

Other popular dishes are Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Jalfrezi, Saag Paneer (spinach and cream) and Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower), he said.

The India Palace menu features chutney for $2.50 and a mix of entrees grouped by preferences: vegetarian, beef, chicken, lamb, seafood, the latter costing most at $16.95.

At $15.95, the Lamb Kashmiri is a solid and savory choice with enough for leftovers later.

India Palace

319 W. Superior St.



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