Things we like: Blueberry Burger at Rockwood

I could smell the grill aroma before the burger hit my lips.

Blueberry Burger at the Rockwood Bar & Grill in Ely. The burger features a patty stacked with bacon, goat cheese, blueberry jalapeño compote and field greens. (Clint Austin /
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We needed a bite before heading back to Duluth, and a recommendation led us to Rockwood.

It was burger time for this gal, and the menu touted mouth-watering options in Cuyuna Sausage, Grilled Raspberry Turkey, Portobello Mushroom. When I saw their Blueberry Burger, I was excited and conflicted. I’m not usually into fruit + meat, but blueberry tops my list of favorites, and when it’s in a compote mixed with jalapenos, I surrender.

The burger comes with a thick slab of goat cheese that oozed off the sides but never spilled over. On top was a pulpy mixture with hearty berries, and speckles of jalapeno freckled the thick, white cheese. All of this rests on a springy bed of greens, jutting out under a thick patty.

I could smell the grill aroma before the burger hit my lips, hmm, and the flavors mixed well.

The goat cheese was more creamy than potent, and it didn’t overpower. The compote added a lightness that pops in the mouth; I liked it so much, I would have welcomed a touch more. And note for the heat-weary: I didn’t taste much from the jalapenos, so you're safe with this one.


I topped it off with perfect sweet potato fries and a seasonal, not-too-sweet, Ely-made blueberry soda.

Rockwood’s burgers run $11-$14 with a choice of house-made chips, and a $2 upcharge for standard sides. There’s a hefty gluten-free menu, just ask, and add a GF bun for $2.

The Blueberry Burger is $14, and the meal was substantial. I left with leftovers that didn’t make it to Duluth.

Rock Wood Eatery

302 E. Sheridan St., Ely
(218) 365-7772

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