Feeling a bit stressed at work? Making one too many trips to the coffee machine? Ready to pull out your hair? A business in California is offering a little puppy and kitten therapy.

People, Animals, Love and Support (PALS) delivers adorable, adoptable puppies or kittens to an office for an hour of unmitigated cuteness and stress-reduction.

Businesses in Oakland, Berkeley or Emeryville can request an hour-long visit from PALS and their calm-inducing furry friends. Workers can stroke, cuddle and "ooh and ahh" over the adorableness, all while lowering blood pressure without the use of medication.

In return, PALS, which was formed in 2015 to find animals adoptive homes, asks for help in spreading the word about pets that need adoption and donations to the cause.

“This is an opportunity for stressed-out employees to come together as a team, take a mini-wellness break and enjoy some quality time with adorable puppies and kittens,” said Jessica Lefebvre, director of PALS. “Our adoptable pets win too, because we know this will help them find homes and spread the word about homeless pets in need.”