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Craft spring with these DIY projects

Cherry Blossom Tree, Upcycled Butterflies, Shabby Chic Planters and Dipped Vases are four spring crafts that will add a splash of color to your home. Photos by Clint Austin /

Antsy for spring? Indulge in these four crafts that bring color indoors as we await warmer climes outdoors.

Cherry Blossom Tree

This craft is easy, inexpensive and fit for kingly preschoolers and up.

Tree branches

Canning jar, vase or container of your choosing

Pink tissue paper


White glue

Place dry branch in container. Cut a couple of 2-inch squares out of pink tissue paper. Suggest cutting as you go, as some branches will call for larger bits. Pinch tissue in the middle to create your cherry bloom. Dab a bit of white glue on the end and hold it on the ends of branches. (For surprise blooms, place them in middle of the branches.) Repeat, filling your cherry blossom as you'd like. Feel free to add more than one bloom on the end of thicker branches. Display at home or in the office.


Dipped Vases

Add flair to your floral arrangements with a bit of craft paint. This one's great for repurposing old bottles or glass jars, and what you get is a floating flower look.

Glass jars or vases

Craft paint (in colors of choice)

Paint brush

Rubber bands

Scissors or utility knife

Wash glass with soap and water. Wrap rubber band on the end in a slant to create a "dipped" effect. Paint one coat in color of choice. Follow paint instructions for dry time. (I used Martha Stewart craft paint in Rose Pink, Beach Glass and Hydrangea Purple. My wait time was one hour between coats.) Apply at least 2 coats. Let dry. Cut rubber band with scissors or X-Acto knife and remove carefully to avoid tearing off extra paint. Add water, flowers and enjoy.


Shabby Chic Planters

This one's perfect for the novice, and the end result is a rustic-looking pot for your succulents or foliages.

Terra-cotta pots

White acrylic paint




Wash terra-cotta pot and saucer with soap and water. In a cup or glass, add about 2 tablespoons of white acrylic paint with two parts water. Mix well with paintbrush. Apply a coat evenly, wait one hour and add a second coat. (Make sure your paint mixture isn't too watery because it will drip down the pot.) Repeat process for your desired look. (I did three coats.) Tip: Don't worry about making it look perfect; you want the distressed look. Wait about an hour before potting plant.


Upcycled Butterflies

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, save your TP rolls for this family-friendly delight.

Required: Big kids or parents for hot glue gun use.

Toilet paper roll (one per butterfly)


Paint (I used acrylic)


Twigs/sticks (one thick one and two thin bits for antennae)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Paint design on toilet paper roll. Break off or cut long twig (butterfly body) and two smaller pieces (antennae). Paint them in color of choice. Plug in hot glue gun. Wait 10-15 minutes for pieces to dry. Lightly bend TP roll. Using scissors, cut roll in half. Cut remaining pieces in half again, making four equal parts (butterfly wings). Optional: Paint inside of wings.

Using hot glue gun, connect antennae onto long twig. Then, attach butterfly wings. Hold in place about 20 seconds. Let it dry 10 minutes, and take those babies for a spin around the living room.


Melinda Lavine

Lavine is a features and health reporter for the Duluth News Tribune. 

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