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Bright lights … and a Seussian city are among the entrants in a holiday light contest

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A Duluth Heights home has a Dr. Seuss theme for its entry in the Twin Ports Christmas Lighting Challenge. (News Tribune photos)2 / 5
Candy Canes light the path at this home on Vermilion Road -- an entry in the Twin Ports Christmas Lighting Challenge. (News Tribune photo)3 / 5
This home on West 15th Street is outlined in icicle lights. (News Tribune photo)4 / 5
Just the roof of this gingerbread-y home on West Sixth Street is visible from the street. (News Tribune photo)5 / 5

It’s beginning to look a lot like … Whoville. A Duluth Heights home has gotten a Seussian makeover for the holiday season, and is among the dozens of entrants in the Twin Ports Christmas Lighting Challenge — a list that includes homes and businesses.

The Grinch looms over his dog, Cindy Lou Who stands under an arch and the townspeople, carolers, stand in a line. Stockings are hung from the eaves with care. Red, green and white lights are twisted into the trees.

Lest there is any question: “Welcome to Whoville,” a sign reads.

This year’s holiday trends include inflatable Olafs from “Frozen,” green lasers, icicle lights that seemingly drip and holiday projections playing out across the front of homes — gingerbreads, Santa faces, candy canes.

Inflatable characters, icicle lights and white-lit reindeer are part of the display at a home on Lakewood Junction. News Tribune

Some highlights: Take a seven mile drive on Lester River Road and a right onto Lakewood Junction Road, and a brightly decorated home is a sudden surprise on a dark and quiet street. The yard mixes inflatable characters — Mickey Mouse, Dory, Olaf — with a seemingly endless mix of lights extending throughout the large yard.

A home on Vermilion Road has a nativity scene, with a cross lit in white lights. On West 15th Street, a home with a balcony extending the length of the house is tastefully wrapped with lights — surpassed only by the view from this tip-top point in the city. Meanwhile, just the top of a sort of low-lying Gingerbread house on West Sixth Street is outlined completely, adorably, in lights. Nearby, at a home and yard filled with decorations, a sign reminds passersby to vote for them in the Twin Ports Lighting Challenge.

You can do that at

If you go:


Wood City Lights and Hardware

901 Cloquet Ave., Cloquet

Carlton County Historical Society

406 Cloquet Ave., Cloquet

Hanft Fride

1219 14th St., Cloquet

Frandsen Bank and Trust

712 Highway 33 S., Cloquet

Nooter Construction

305 Business Park Drive E., Cloquet

Pine Journal

122 Ave. C, Cloquet


Angel Lund

915 12th St., Cloquet

I was blessed to get all my parents' Christmas decorations and for the last two years we've enjoyed sharing our display.

Charlene Schlenvogt

911 Carlton Ave., Cloquet

James Furnas

2206 Washington Ave., Cloquet


A Sweet Event

1920 Springvale Road, Duluth

Solutions Insurance Agencies

215 N. Central Ave., Suite 6, Duluth


Brenda Anderson

703 Ebony Ave., Duluth


Barb Blekestad

4122 W. Eighth St., Duluth

Ruth Cpin

4707 Gladstone St., Duluth

Doug and Tami Hendricks

2871 Lakewood Junction Road, Duluth

Lights on until 8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and until 10 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Directions: Up Lester River Road seven miles, turn right on Lakewood Junction Road.

Keith Hinnenkamp

1325 108th Ave. W., Duluth

Ryan and Lindsay Kern

2725 Exhibition Drive, Duluth

Tune radio to posted station to enjoy the musical Exhibition Drive Holiday Sound and Light Show.

Emily Kuhnly

422 93rd Ave. W., Duluth

Tom and Susan Muehlberger

2907 W. 15th St., Duluth

Theresa Painter

515 Winnipeg Ave., Duluth

Garrett Perrault

403 S. 71st Ave. W., Duluth

Sherry and Larry Rushing

109 Northfield St., Duluth

Woodland Avenue above Hartley Field

John Toman

21 N. 93rd Ave. W., Duluth

Tom and Jen Wicklund

1901 Gearhart St., Duluth

Micheal Wilson

3604 Decker Road, Duluth

Tom and Kathy Zeman

4410 Vermilion Road, Duluth

Directions: Woodland Avenue to Pleasant View Road to Vermilion Road; take right on Vermilion Road and we are the fourth house on the left.

Michael Zeman and Family

1421 104th Ave. W., Duluth

Directions: Turn up by the Milk House on Dickson Street in Gary; go four blocks to 104th Avenue West, turn right and we're the last house on the left.

Tara Neveau

2305 W. Sixth St., Duluth

Sam Wick-Zeman

1421 104th Ave. W., Duluth

Stop by and enjoy a great display of Christmas lights, designed and put up with love from the Wick-Zeman's .


Eric and Deb Madson

828 Lupine Drive, Proctor


Luke Grages

7229 Industrial Road, Saginaw

Music on 93.5 FM


Angie's Closet

1202 Belknap St., Superior

Engwall Wolff's Flower Shop

1315 Tower Ave., Superior

Eagles Club

1710 N. 12th St., Superior

Capri Bar

1224 Tower Ave., Superior

Wine Beginnings

1413 Tower Ave., Superior

Twin Ports Health Services

1612 N. 37th St., Superior

Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center

305 Harbor View Parkway, Superior

Come and see the only tank decked out with Christmas lights in the Northland!

Jack's Place

1923 Tower Ave., Superior


Ashley Dzikonski

7238 E. County Road E., South Range

Brandt Charles

2015 Wyoming Ave., Superior

Al and Sue Chesky

425 31st Ave.E., Superior

Brett and Amanda DeFoe

2101 E. Third St., Superior

We welcome people to walk through our display. Put car windows down to enjoy Christmas music, or just enjoy the display.

Jeff Eliason

2319 Susquehanna Ave., Superior

Jamie Howie

2211 Hammond Ave., Superior

Sarah Johnson

1107 N. Seventh St., Superior

Pat Kelly

1830 E. 10th St., Superior

Mark Mahla

22 Billings Drive, Superior

Dennis and Patricia McCauley

2017 Central Ave., Superior

Todd McKay

2012 Missouri Ave., Superior

Robert Ross

636 N. 23rd St., Superior

Tyler and Dillan Skandel

3114 Hughitt Ave., Superior

Linda Dembroski

1826 New York Ave., Superior

Tim Lisdahl

1215 Central Ave., Superior


Voyageur Motel

1227 Seventh Ave., Two Harbors

Two Harbors Area Chamber

1330 Highway 61, Two Harbors

Moose-cellaneous Gifts

603 Seventh Ave., Two Harbors

Seagren's Hardware - True Value

610 First Ave., Two Harbors

Hair Designs

620 First Ave., Two Harbors

North Shore Rotary

Thomas Owens Park

Third Avenue and Sixth Street, Two Harbors


Debbie Bolen

1932 Ninth Ave., Two Harbors

Bill and Philomena Carlson

1831 Seventh Ave., Two Harbors

The Gomers

512 Fourth Ave., Two Harbors

Justin Holland

406 11th Ave., Two Harbors

Craig and Amy Jussila

1704 Seventh Ave., Two Harbors

Emily Linn

507 11th Ave., Two Harbors

Warren Miller

532 13th Ave., Two Harbors

Royal Miller

620 12th Ave., Two Harbors

Scott Olson

710 12th Ave., Two Harbors

Kenneth Peterson

1431 Eighth Ave., Two Harbors

Dave and Cookie Puent

1802 Seventh Ave., Two Harbors

Mike Rousseau

1742 Highway 2, Two Harbors

Geoffrey Tolley

855 Stanley Road, Two Harbors

Jayme and Nadine Uremovich

323 Third Ave., Two Harbors

Renee Wermter

427 Eighth Ave., Two Harbors

Kyle Costley

1305 Harbor Hills Dr., Two Harbors

Lisa Heinonen

746 Valley Road, Two Harbors

Cheryl Sundstrom

524 10th Ave., Two Harbors