You might’ve seen the oblong blue fruits around town. Honeyberries hit both Whole Foods Co-op locations and Super One in West Duluth this week.

They hail from Farm LoLa, the berry wing of Locally Laid Egg Company, which hosted a pick-your-own honeyberry event this week.

Honeyberries, or haskaps, are a type of honeysuckle that ripen in early July.

“I thought with honey, they’d be sweet. They’re very tart,” said Art Rask at the West Duluth Super One, adding they’re like blueberries, but softer.

Rask hasn’t heard any questions about them yet, but he said as of Thursday, the store sold two out of the four cases in stock. He couldn’t see himself eating honeyberries by themselves, but said they’d be great in baked goods. (And if you ask this reporter, they’re perfect by themselves.)

Honeyberry types can be eaten plain, in yogurt, pastries, smoothies, ice cream.

Some varieties, due to their high tannin levels, are better for beer and liquors, according to Farm LoLa. For more info on the farm’s honeyberry happenings, visit