When you lock up your bike, you expect it to be there when you return. Unfortunately, thieves are savvy enough to crack even the best locking systems. The new Ellipse Smart Bike Lock is designed to let you know when that's happening - which should give them another reason to leave your bike alone. It looks like a traditional U-Lock, but it features two locking mechanisms where the U attaches to the base - meaning a thief has two locks to pick. If someone attempts to break it, you'll get an alert on your smartphone.

The message is sent via Bluetooth, meaning that it only has a range of about 800 feet, but that's close enough for when you're inside a store or coffee shop. The lock can also detect a severe impact and send out a text alert with your GPS coordinates to family or friends to indicate that you've been in a crash. A solar panel charges the battery - and 12 hours in the sun gives you about six months of use. It's easy to use with keyless entry - your smartphone opens and closes the lock. While pricy for a bike lock, if you have an expensive bike it may be worth the investment.

• $199, lattis.io