In the light of last week’s news that a data breach affected more than a thousand Essentia Health patients, a report released earlier this year by Morphisec is of interest.

The “2109 Morphisec Consumer Healthcare: Cybersecurity Threat Index” is a report drawn from a survey of more than a thousand healthcare consumers.

Among the findings:

  • Fifty-four percent of consumers say they don’t know if a cyber attack has hit their health care provider, even though the law requires that consumers be notified.

  • The use of health providers’ internet “portals” by patients has increased from 28 percent last year to 42 percent this year.

  • Forty-five percent of consumers say they believe their health information is safer on their own personal devices (such as a smartphone or laptop) than on their health care providers’ electronic devices.

In case you were wondering, Morphisec calls itself “the worldwide leader in moving target defense for the enterprise and mid-market.”