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University of Minnesota Duluth frostbite victim to get robotic hand

Alyssa Lommel was on the search for an electric hand last week.

Teri Lommel, Alyssa’s mother, announced Wednesday on her CaringBridge site that Alyssa is in the process of getting a robotic hand. Alyssa Lommel is the University of Minnesota Duluth student who suffered from frostbite because of long hours in subzero temperatures last year.

“After doing some looking, Alyssa has decided to go with the Pro Digits product,” stated Teri Lommel. “It’s a hand that can be programmed to perform, 14 different kinds of grips.”

Lommel is focusing on buying an electronic right hand. With a single electronic hand costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Lommels have reportedly decided to try the right hand before purchasing both.