A line of hungries extended out the door, and some folks left in search of faster fare than at Hungry Hippie Tacos in Grand Marais.

We stuck it out, interpreting the line as a good sign.

I took in the decor of bull skulls and horseshoes; the walls striped in turquoise, brown and lime green; the sombreros on the ceiling. Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” played overhead, as I scanned the menu’s Nashville hot cheese curds, the chimichanga and the apple smoked pork build-your-own.

It was 20 minutes to the front of the line — plenty of time to people-watch and read a bit about Hungry Hippie’s farm / hostel / taco operation.

It was faster moving after we ordered, and our food came out in little paper trays with bits of shredded lettuce congregating on the bottom.

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The fry bread was flaky, squishy and crunchy in all the right places. The ale- and chili-smoked brisket was smoky, and the chipotle sour cream flavorful, plentiful and worthy of smuggling in your purse.

While it bordered on almost not enough food, the northern frybread build-your-own was a fine lunch for $7-$8. If you dig a light, bustling and upbeat experience, it may be worth the wait.

And if you’re not headed up north soon, stay tuned. Hungry Hippie Tacos plans to open a Duluth location in 2022.

Hungry Hippie Tacos

15 W. Highway 61, Grand Marais

(218) 387-3382