Robert Guiliani has spent the past few years traveling and working on authentic Mexican recipes — the kind he grew up eating, he said in a recent Facebook post.

Now he is ready to bring it to an audience.

Later this month, he’s opening Tacos Tacos Tacos, a taqueria at 107 E. Superior St., to the spot that was once Martha’s Daughter and before that, Coney Island. He is also shopping for a Twin Cities location that he plans to open in the spring, according to Facebook.

"After visiting many regions of Mexico and due to my Mexican heritage, I became interested in the most representative of their dishes: the ever-present taco," Giuliani says on Tacos Tacos Tacos website.

The menu, which is also posted online, includes a variety of street tacos — options ranging from al pastor to lengua — and house favorites such as salchicha con tocina, a Mexican street hotdog and fitting pick for a space that was once specialized in Coney dogs.