Among the foods coming out of Old Chicago’s kitchen and prepared by Old Chicago’s kitchen staff is a delivery-only chicken option — a brand billed as Twisted Tenders.

Where Old Chicago leans toward pizza and a wide variety of beer options, Twisted Tenders, which also falls under the SPB Hospitality umbrella, offers alternate takes on chicken: tenders, wings, bone-in, boneless, and on sandwiches. There are sides available — chipotle twisted mac and cheese and a variety of kettle chips — and a single dessert: sticky brownie balls.

Josh Kern, SPB’s chief marketing officer, described the idea as following the virtual kitchen or ghost kitchen approach.

“We wanted to have another kind of line item or brand out there to continue to drive the restaurant,” he said.

Applebee's has done something similar with Neighborhood Wings, another chicken-centric option that offers wings, tenders and more. Grubhub is their go-to.

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Diners in the 18-34-year-old range are looking for delivery options, Kern said, and Twisted Tenders has its own spirit and attitude — while using the legacy restaurant’s work space.

Twisted Tenders launched at 183 restaurants across the country, in Duluth on Nov. 30. It’s available only as a delivery option via Door Dash.