I swung by Southgate Family Pizzeria while on assignment in Cloquet, my eye set on the Chicken Wild Rice with a cauliflower crust.

A thick layer of mozzarella packed loads of black wild rice, plump mushrooms and chicken on a hearty layer of mystery white sauce. (Owner Sandy Olson couldn’t confirm the sauce, but it tastes like a milder Alfredo.)

Strings of cheese gripped the pie, as I removed a singular slice. Bits of onion added a welcomed bite to the hearty and comforting flavors that reminded me of a snuggly afternoon under a thick blanket with fuzzy socks and a hot cup o’ tea.

A newbie to cauliflower crust, I was impressed with its ability to hold the pizza’s contents without buckling, and the texture was spot on.

The meal tasted so scrumptious, I ate a slice after I had my fill.

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Southgate is more than 35 years old, said Olson, who bought the business last July. Their top sellers are the Taco Pizza and the Chicken Bacon.

The Chicken Wild Rice and the cauliflower crust were both on the menu when Southgate changed hands, but they’ve since added several specialty pizzas, more alcohol options and ice cream!

Southgate offers one 10-inch size for its cauliflower crust — for now. At about $16, the Chicken Wild Rice pizza was big and packed enough for two meals.

And, I’ve since been back for a repeat.

Southgate Family Pizzeria


918 Highway 33 South, Cloquet