From the annals of spectacle foods, there is this: an over-sized, blue-hued malt teeming with reminders of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. A waffle cookie in the shape of the state of Minnesota, a chocolate loon cutout, chocolate dipped nuts and candies in the role of a rocky shoreline and a blue gummy fish top Bridgeman's Up North malt, or rather, mega malt.

Bridgeman's has long been known as a place for feats of eating. The LaLa Palooza Sundae took root in the mid-1950s — more than a handful of scoops of ice cream, toppings galore and the souvenir pin offered to the ice cream eater with a clean plate. A selection of bigger-than-your stomach malts — s'more themed, birthday cake-leaning, and for the coffee fan — add to that mystique.

Up North's base is blueberry-cheesecake ice cream in a souvenir jar with Graham cracker crumbs stuck to the rim of the glass with chocolate. There is no delicate way to get at this; dig in with your fingernails. The whipped cream top holds the overflowing Minnesota-isms. It's a thick endless drink, but you can still pull it through a straw. It's a fun collection of homages and, aesthetically, it's made for Instagram.

As we admired our treat, another one paraded past the table — a malt topped with a full-size whip of cotton candy. There is always something just a little more extra, isn't there?


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Where: 2202 Mountain Shadow Drive

What: Up North mega malt, $11.99