We snuck in on a late Saturday morning to dine al fresco at the Boat Club Restaurant.

He ordered the Lobster Crepes, and I went with the Lake Superior Breakfast, which was Lake Superior whitefish, two eggs any style, pickled red onion, arugula, mushrooms and dill cream sauce. (I asked to substitute the roasted potatoes with gluten-free bread.)

While lovely with bright green sauteed arugula and purple pickled red onion, this dish was underwhelming. The dill cream sauce had minimal flavor, as did the fish.

The red onion offered a slight enhancement, but, overall, this was too lightly seasoned for my taste and it required salt — a couple of shakes.

That said, the eggs were perfectly over medium, and the mushrooms were lightly oiled and scrumptious.

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We were seated near the tiki bar, occupied by two staff who were very helpful and good-natured when we were unable to spot our server for a time.

The breakfast menu boasts a mix of Scandinavian crepes, Eggs Benedict options, omelets and some hardier picks in a lobster roll, a maple bacon burger and a linguine. Prices range $9 to $24, with most items hovering around $16 — the price of each of our meals.

Not quite worth it, but at the Boat Club, the lush placement on the lake, the view, the East Coast ambiance, you’re paying for more than food and time. You’re paying for an escape.

It’s nice, but next time, maybe I’ll try the crepes.

The Boat Club Restaurant


600 E Superior St.