They sold out at their grand opening, so I was ready to get to Mama Roots’ next sighting early.

On Saturday, the vegan food truck sat parked in Wild State Cider’s lot, bold and blue. Patrons bunked at picnic tables under patio umbrellas, well-distanced in the sunny glow of the afternoon.

I ordered the Buffalo Chik’n Tacos and Moroccan Carrot Slaw.

Bright orange, grated carrots mixed with golden raisins, green kale, orange slices, orange zest and speckled with green and lovely sunflower sprouts.

Each bite was well-saturated with Mama’s apple cider vinegar-maple syrup-lime aioli. It was sweet, fresh and bursting with flavor — my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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The Buffalo Chik’n Tacos came with organic soy curls, “bus-made ranch,” buffalo sauce, organic greens, tomato and green onions, and it was oh-so-good.

The curls could be mistaken for chicken, perfectly twisty and juicy, and they held the buffalo flavor well. The tortillas were thin, slightly bubbly on the edges and substantial. All made for a fresh and colorful flavor bomb that was food for the sight and the taste buds.

Organic goods are marked on the menu, along with nut-, soy- and gluten-free options.

Pricing is simple: $13 for an entree with a side, and your choice of a $2 sparkling water that you grab out of a cooler.

Mama Roots staff were cheery, in face masks, floral dresses and aprons.

The vibe felt inviting, from the woodland creature embroidery to the houseplants adorning the ordering station to a board with a photo and description of the area farmer sourcing some of the day’s goodies.

A handwritten sign says Mama Roots works with “suppliers/farmers/producers who believe in taking care of our MAMA EARTH + all its inhabitants” — all reinforcing that this operation is secure in their values.

Feels as good on the conscience as it does in the tummy.

Mama Roots

Next sighting: 4 p.m.-until they sell out on Thursday

Bent Paddle Brewing, 1832 W. Michigan St.