I sat down with co-workers recently for the kind of work-lunch where you're working as you eat but still need to get back to work-work within the hour. We found the nice-but-not-too-nice sweet spot at Lyric Kitchen Bar.

The restaurant offers enough variety for downtown workers to find something for everyone. The service wasn't rushed, but they recognized we probably were in a hurry. The lunch menu includes a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, grilled paninis, flatbreads, burgers and more. I saw the heading "comfort foods" and figured I'd land there, ultimately proving myself correct with the chicken pot pie.

The $12 pie is described as "tender roast chicken, pan gravy, peas, carrot, potato and onion, topped with a golden puff pastry crust." Chicken pot pie is one of those dishes I find myself always ordering if I'm someplace new to me, and the restaurant is on my wavelength enough to serve it.

The pie contained nicely sized, quality chicken chunks, peas, carrots and pearl onions in a mild gravy. The puff pastry sat on top and wasn't too much to finish. Overall, I thought the filling could use a little more seasoning, but there wasn't anything off-putting about it. It was a good portion for a quick lunch, served hot and fast. Even though my dining companions had to get back to work, I stayed a few more minutes to finish it. I appreciated the reasonable portion size that didn't make me regret the calories.

My accompanying raspberry lemonade was delicious, finding a great balance of sweet and sour, lemon and fruit. It was served with a paper straw, satisfying to my mouth and the planet. At $2.75, it's the kind of thing I find myself normally avoiding because it takes my affordable lunch and ticks it up a notch too much for me. (Hey, I got kids to feed.) But it was nice in a treat-yourself kind of way.

Lyric Kitchen Bar

205 W. Superior St.