It might seem absolutely wild to walk into Love Creamery and order anything, anything that deviates from a couple scoops of hand-crafted key lime pie ice cream, or chamomile honeycomb, or vegan chocolate brownie or Lucky Charmz or a mix of all of the above, packed tightly in a waffle cone.

But here is a tiny, sophisticated thrill: an affogato.

Based on an Italian dessert starring gelato and a liqueur, Love Creamery takes a double shot of espresso and pours it over a scoop of one of their in-house flavors, your choice. Salted caramel earned an appreciative nod from the scooper-barista. But what about buttermilk vanilla, whiskey pecan, cookies and cream? A case could probably be made for any of the locally-made, small-batch scoops.

It's served in a cup with a spoon. The espresso gets creamy depth; the ice cream gets a rich kick.

Love Creamery also offers other variations on the traditional cone, whether it's a choux pastry filled with ice cream, shakes, or ice cream sandwiches.

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Love Creamery

1908 W. Superior St.