Lobsters lazed in the foyer tanks, and kids popped their heads over booth tops before the dinner rush on a Friday night at Red Lobster. We came for the bowls with “salmon,” “power” and “dragon” in the titles.

We sat near the window, and I ordered the Dragon Shrimp.

It came out looking lovely. The soy-ginger sauce was thick, warming and well-drizzled with a spunky kick. The broccoli was slightly colder than I’m used to, but the quinoa rice mixture was fluffy and on point. The shrimp had a good amount of breading and a great crunch that didn’t dissipate under the sauce.

And, oh, that sauce. It pooled in places on the bowl — brown and rich. We played at figuring out how to make it at home.

At $16.49, the Dragon Shrimp comes at a decent cost with enough food for two. And if you’d like a smaller commitment, there’s Dragon Broccoli for $3.99.

Red Lobster’s menu items run the gamut, with meatier costs for lobster tail and salmon New Orleans to tasting plates for less than $10.

We took the skywalk from downtown to Canal, avoiding traffic, and we used the restaurant’s on-the-table check-out device. Both made for a speedy meal before Friday night f-u-n.

Red Lobster

301 S. Lake Ave.