Sometimes, marketing gimmicks work. Proof would be in the two cans of "Mystery Flavor" Pringles at my house. My son was so annoyed with my flavor guess, cheddar popcorn, that he bought his own can to submit his own receipt for his own guess. He won't let me tell you what it is, though. He's convinced he's correct and wants it to remain a secret.

The chips have been available since May 1 exclusively at Walgreen's. Food and Wine magazine made its own guesses, none of which were what members of my household said. The ingredients panel offers some clues: cheddar cheese, buttermilk, not that it narrows things down much. I tried to remove the potato taste by licking the flavored powder off the chip. That's when you know you've committed.

You have until Tuesday, July 30, to buy a can, upload a receipt and enter your guess at