Kolligia, 18, is a smart and outgoing teen who likes to tell jokes, laugh, and be goofy with others. Kolligia enjoys cooking as well as going out to eat. He will tell you he knows all the best places in town for the best fast food in the Twin Cities! He likes playing video games, watching TV, and playing Magic the Gathering. He isn't really into sports, but he has enjoyed fishing in the past. Kolligia is an amazing artist and hopes to go on to college someday to pursue graphic design. In fact, he has been accepted to a college already (although he would like to apply to other institutions as well). Kolligia is a kind, thoughtful teen that needs a family that can “mentor” him into adulthood – providing him a safe place to land and supporting him through his educational ventures and goals would be ideal. Anyone who knows Kolligia is better off for it.

A family in the Duluth area that can provide warm, patient guidance would be a beneficial addition to this great guy’s life.

The News Tribune features a child looking for a forever home every month in the Lifestyle section. If you would like more information on adopting or fostering a Minnesota waiting child, please e-mail info@mnadopt.org, call 612-861-7115 or visit www.mnadopt.org.

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