Meet Tala, 7.

Tala is in first grade, and she enjoys practicing karate moves, swinging from tree branches and making sculptures. Tala is very funny and creative. One of her favorite things to do is work with clay and make pinch pots. If she could go anywhere in the world, it would be Peru, and if she could do anything, she would make explosions.

Tala wishes for everyone in the world to have a giant box fort with no parents allowed and for all people who are homeless to have homes. The thing Tala likes about being her age is that she can fit into small spaces.

When Tala grows up, she would like to be an animal scientist. She enjoys trying new things and is looking forward to learning how to sew and scuba dive. Tala would like a mentor who will take time to bake and cook with her and someone who likes art and is creative.

To mentor Tala, contact Mentor Duluth at (218) 722-3600.