Maria, 13, has a great sense of humor and is on the lookout for ways to make you laugh. She loves to be active -- her current placement has a backyard tree house and she’ll show you all the ways to climb to the top. Maria likes to spend time playing cards, reading and drawing. She's always got a new game to play and is patient when explaining the rules. Maria is thoughtful and kind, and has a spark to her that draws people in.

Lemuel "Jay," 11, can be reserved when you first meet him, but once he gets to know you he is very talkative. He’s athletic -- basketball is his current favorite, but he’s pretty happy playing any sport that lets him run around. Jay is also a creative kid. He’s always working on a project like painted rock collection, doing a complicated paint-by-numbers or teaching himself new origami patterns. He’ll proudly show you his work and ask you to join in.

Maria and Jay would do well in an experienced two parent home that has the ability to navigate various resources. They thrive with one to one attention and would like an active family who is committed to keeping up with their energy.

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