Family craft: A collection of fun things to make

Stuck at home? We linked up some of the fun family crafts Mary Rasch has shared with readers.

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Photos by Mary Rasch / For the News Tribune

A lot of families are finding themselves suddenly at home with young children as schools are closed. Here's a quick look at some of the fun family crafts Mary Rasch has shared with News Tribune readers. Some of them are seasonal, but don't let that stop you from making a fun afternoon of it.

Leprechaun hats and rainbow daisies

craft flowers 0306 web.jpg
(Mary Rasch, For the News Tribune)

Goo-mixture snowman

melting snowman.jpg
Glue, Borax and a few other ingredients form a fun putty that will "melt" over and over again for this fun snowman activity. (Mary Rasch / For the News Tribune)



Wax Luminary 4.jpg
(Mary Rasch / For the News Tribune)

Cactus pots

Mini Cactus Pots (Mary Rasch / For the News Tribune)

T-shirt shopping bags

hanging shirts web.jpg
Shopping bags made from old T-shirts hang ready to use. (Mary Rasch / For the News Tribune)

Candy corn creations

This candy-corn craft won't get your fingers sticky! (Mary Rasch / For the News Tribune)


Drop-cloth wreath

Torn drop cloth fabric makes a natural-looking holiday wreath. (Mary Rasch / For the News Tribune)

Tactile wood sculpture

Photo by Mary Rasch

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