In November I realized this would be a difficult Christmas season for me. What I did not realize was the Christmas miracles God would provide!

The first miracle may seem small, but it has been significant. The Sunday after Thanksgiving I flew to Indiana. I landed at 10 p.m., was tired and not looking forward to the 45-minute drive to my hotel. When I got into the rental car, the radio was turned on, playing Christmas music. I have never been an avid Christmas music fan but 10 minutes into the drive, as I sang along, I realized that Christmas music was one of my healing medicines, a Christmas miracle for me, this year.

I heard a new song for me during the drive. It was a beautiful Christmas love ballad by Dan Fogelberg called “Same Old Lang Syne.” There is an emotional, empty phrase in the song: “We tried to reach beyond the emptiness, but neither one knew how.”

When I got to the hotel, I played this song several times. Whether in a relationship or life, we have all been at points when we did not know how to reach beyond the emptiness.

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The following Sunday in church we sang a song by Hillsong Worship called “Seasons.” The lyrics are powerful and speak to the hope we have in Christ during difficult seasons. One phrase stood out, “Like a seed in the snow I’ve been buried to grow.” Friends, when we do not know how to reach beyond the emptiness, hurt or confusion, remember that God is still working. We may not see him, we may not know how he is working, but he is. The longer the winter, the richer the harvest.

In early November I wrote a column about my son’s friend and fellow Army soldier, Erick, who was a victim of an intentional hit-and-run while on his motorcycle. Erick died from this horrific crime. Erick’s wife is putting a memorial wall in their home, with Erick’s medals, certificates and Army mementos. My wife and I decided to order a plaque of the newspaper article for this memorial wall. That is the background for another Christmas miracle.

I worked with Virdette at “That’s Great News” to create the plaque. After several emails, we talked on the phone to finalize the design. Virdette said, “I usually don’t read the articles as I don’t have time to read them all. However, after your email making changes to the design, I read your article. I was brought to tears. I connected with your article in so many ways. I am a widow. My husband died when we were in our mid-40s and I had two children at home to raise. I am a veteran of the Army. And I am a Christian.”

We talked about her faith journey and the significant strength, hope and guidance she has found in Jesus. She shared she is on her church’s prayer team.

I did something unusual. I asked a total stranger, on the phone, while she was at work, to pray over the phone for my son, his wife, and Erick’s widow. She did. It was beautiful. It was a Christmas miracle, unplanned, unexpected, and a wonderful blessing. Keep your eyes open. God has a miracle for you this Christmas!

Hauser is a pastor and leadership coach and can be reached at