FARGO — On Election Day, I shared a quote on social media by the late English Christian apologist G.K. Chesterton that resonated: “I never discuss anything except politics and religion. There is nothing else to discuss.”

In some ways, it’s a startling admission. Politics has never been my primary interest. Yet, because religion is, and the two so often cross paths, politics has, by default, become a topic of emphasis in my life, too. Indeed, there is little else to discuss — except for the weather, perhaps.

And yet, some misunderstand my aim. In a recent tweet, a local Democratic Socialist called my writings “evil politics,” based in part on my column addressing Marxism from a spiritual perspective. I guess, for those directed by materialism, everything centers on politics, for politics becomes like a god. But for me, not so.

It’s the soul, not politics, that draws and fuels me. Thus, “Living Faith.” Naturally, I am pondering the recent election in light of this lens, too, and as I do, I find myself moving away from the fixes of the world and closer toward God’s remedies alone.

Though we all want calm, the world, and its political swirling, remains for now.

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The only antidote comes in the faith that frees and seeking solidarity with those who openly acknowledge God, pray without apology, and believe the right to life primary. “Life,” said Pope Benedict XVI, “is truly always a choice, between fidelity and infidelity, between honesty and dishonesty, between selfishness and altruism, between good and evil.”

Despite many professing renewed hope in worldly powers, in the end, these will be as nothing. Another wise man, St. Charles Borromeo, put it this way: “Know and recall that there is no greater wealth and treasure, nothing more excellent and fruitful, than to love God and serve him, and that everything else passes like smoke and shadow.”

Chilling, and yet hopeful reminders. I offer them now, sensing that others seeing the elusiveness of current worldly “victories” might be looking for sustenance. I want to encourage and remind you to stay steadfast in the spirit, becoming reliant wholly on God, the bedrock of human life — our only chance of salvation.

Indeed, those who view the world from a truly faithful, humble Christian perspective are better poised than ever to bring the best life offers to others; to be a beacon on the hill; to share the only good news that exists as the world speeds toward godlessness. More and more, our light is needed.

Though our ultimate triumph might seem elusive at present, hold tight. For God chose this time for you and for me and awaits our willing response. Because we know who we are, let’s enjoin our prayers with hopeful expectation in the fight against Goliath. And do not fret; the Lord will provide all that is necessary.

As the brave pagan convert to Christianity St. Paul once said, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Onward, and may peace be with you.

Salonen, a wife and mother of five, works as a freelance writer and speaker in Fargo. Email her at roxanebsalonen@gmail.com, and find more of her work at Peace Garden Passage, http://roxanesalonen.com/