Faces for Aug. 8, 2020

AAUW Named Gift Honorees, Kate Baldwin and Zabelle Stodola.

Community Leaders

  • The Duluth Branch of the American Association of University Women honored Kate Baldwin and Zabelle Stodola as Named Gift Honorees for their contributions to the branch. Funds were sent to National AAUW on their behalf to support scholarships for women. Community scholarships are also awarded by AAUW to local women pursuing post-baccalaureate studies. Baldwin has served as Program Chair, President, accepting a second two year term, and is part of several focus groups. She has directed non- profits, and run a business. Stodolla has been Program Chair, Diversity Chair, part of the Northland Gathering committee, and newsletter editor. Born in England, she had a 32 year career in higher education, publishing 6 academic books on American women’s literature. She is active in several progressive groups. AAUW’s scholarship fundraiser is slated for November 12, 2021.

Terese Tomanek

Andy Reierson

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Kelsey Johson

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Carl Crawford


Michael Watters

  • The Lake Superior College Foundation has announced newly elected board officers, as well as the addition of a new board member, for fiscal year 2021. Terese Tomanek, Chaplain at Essentia Health and newly appointed Duluth City Councilor, will serve as Board Chair this upcoming year. Terese has served on the LSC Foundation Board for nine years and has been an instrumental leader in the organization. She replaces Tom Renier, retired President of the Northland Foundation, who served as Board Chair in fiscal year 2020 and now will serve as past chair. Carl Crawford, Human Rights Officer for the City of Duluth and former Intercultural Center Coordinator at Lake Superior College, has been elected to serve as the Vice Chair and Chair-Elect. Carl has served on the LSC Foundation Board since 2018. Andy Reierson, COO of Flint Group in Duluth, was re-elected as Treasurer. He has served on the Board since 2012. Kelsey Johnson, President of the Iron Mining Association, has been elected to serve as Secretary. Kelsey has served on the Board since 2019 and will replace Linda Basara, recently retired Director of Education at St. Luke’s, who concluded her third and final term on the LSC Foundation Board of Directors. Sandy Hoff, President of F.I. Salter Company, also concluded his third and final term on the LSC Foundation Board. He served as Chair in FYI 2019 and past Chair in FY 2020. The LSC Foundation has also announced the addition of a new board member Michael Watters, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel at Essentia Health. He has been elected to serve a three-year term.

    The 2020/2021 Board will look to build on the success from this past few years. Fiscal year 2019 was a record year for the Foundation both in terms of funds raised and funds distributed, including providing over $350,000 in direct support distributed to help support students at Lake Superior College. Fiscal year 2020 was on pace to be nearly as successful until COVID-19 halted most fundraising efforts in the spring of 2020. Still, the Foundation distributed nearly $300,000 in direct support to LSC students throughout the year through scholarships, grants and emergency loans. The LSC Foundation also serves as the fiscal host for the free summer camps for youth; LSC athletic programs, events and fundraisers; academic and student support programs and initiatives at Lake Superior College; as well as helps make the connection between community/industry partners and the college.

Learning Notes

  • Western Governors University, an online, nonprofit university out of Salt Lake City, Utah, announced the following: Olivia Dudek of Duluth received a master's degree in accounting and Krister Mattson of Hermantown received a master's degree in business administration, healthcare management.

  • Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College in Cloquet recently presented campus honors to a select group of students in this year’s graduating class. Each year during commencement week, the Graduate Recognition Awards Ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of graduating students in the areas of service to the college and community service. Students are nominated and selected by the staff, faculty, and administration of the college.

    The following Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College students received awards:

    Student of the Year goes to Hope Elizabeth Calogero of Saginaw. Presidential Merit Awards go to Kevin L. Blacketter of Cloquet and Justine Pelletier of Esko. Service to the Community Awards go to Jacob J. Belden, Kevin L. Blacketter, Hope Elizabeth Calogero, Tyler Harms-Synkiew, Erik Petoletti, Curtis R. Rainey, Alberto Arreola Torres, all of Cloquet; Paige Marie Anderson, Misty Anne Baum, Shane Kenneth Colemer, Rhonda Cooper-Busch, Sean V. Norland, all of Duluth; Justine Pelletier of Esko; and Emily Johnson of Hermantown. Service to the College Awards go to Jacob J. Belden, Kevin L. Blacketter, Hope Elizabeth Calogero, Donald Robert Lokken, Erik Petoletti, Curtis R. Rainey, Anissa Warner, all of Cloquet: Dakota Burton of Cromwell; Paige Marie Anderson, Shane Kenneth Colemer, Misty Anne Baum, Sean V. Norland, all of Duluth; Justine Pelletier of Esko; Emily Johnson of Hermantown; Julius Theodore Aubid of Hinckley, and Stephanie Keinanen of Willow River.

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