Recommended reading: ‘The Margot Affair’ by Sanae Lemoine

Margot shares her family's secret with the media, and everything changes in this twisting, perfect story.

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"The Margot Affair" by Sanae Lemoine

Margot has always known of her father's other family, a socially acceptable wife and two sons, the people with whom the French politician is publicly linked. She and her mother, a stage actor of some acclaim, are a longtime secret shared with few friends. Margot meets a journalist who has followed her mother's career, and they develop a friendship that is helped along by Margo's truth bomb about who her father is and her decision to go forth, anonymously, with this information.

Of course, this truth is wide-reaching and changes everything. Her father becomes inaccessible, her mother tries to take hold of the narrative, and Margot waits for him to choose their family. In the meantime, she starts keeping her own secrets, including how she is spending her time with a young couple she has absorbed as friends, pseudo parents, more.

"The Margot Affair," Lemoine's first novel, is a delicious and twisting story that is always on point, while always being slightly off-balance. It's about truth and trust, and it's the perfect summer story.

Title: "The Margot Affair"

Author: Sanae Lemoine


Publisher: Hogarth

Pages: 352

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