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The "Ariel Anthology "is now taking submissions of poetry from Wisconsin adults. Please email for theme, guidelines, and more information before submitting. Deadline: July 1.

Arrowhead Library System (ALS) is pleased to announce the launch of the statewide 2020 Minnesota Author Project. Submissions will be accepted through May 31. Contest categories are Young Adult Fiction, Adult Fiction and Communities Creates. Link to Submit Adult and Young Adult Fiction: .

Each book that is submitted must be: Independently published, written by a Minnesota resident, available in either PDF or ePUB format.

The winners will receive:

  • $1000 each in adult and young adult categories. Prizes sponsored by the Minnesota Library Foundation and BiblioLabs.
  • Honors at an Indie Author Project celebration reception in 2021
  • Opportunities to promote their book(s) at Minnesota public libraries
  • Inclusion in a full-page print spread in Library Journal, one of America’s oldest and most renowned trade publications for library news
  • If available, print copies will be purchased and made available for checkout through Minnesota’s public libraries.
  • Inclusion and promotion in Indie Minnesota

Link to Submit Communities Create Works: .


Each book that is submitted to the contest must be: Created by a Minnesota-based organization -- Nonprofits, libraries, schools, writers’ groups, historical societies, etc. are all eligible, one member may submit on behalf of their organization, A recommended minimum length of 10,000 words or 20 pages, and available in either ePUB or PDF format. There are no genre or creation date restrictions, and organizations of all types are encouraged to submit their work, including nonprofits, libraries, schools, cultural groups, historical societies, artistry guilds, and beyond.

The winning organization will receive:

  • A $1000 cash prize
  • Honors at the 2020 Minnesota Library Association Conference
  • An honorary plaque
  • Printing of the winning book and the opportunity to make the book available statewide in the Indie Minnesota collection on BiblioBoard Library
  • Media promotion throughout the state

News of Note

The 2020 Minnesota Book Award for General Nonfiction, sponsored by Brainfuse is David Treuer – "The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee: Native America from 1890 to the Present, " published by Riverhead Books/Penguin Random House. The long-held idea was that Native American life essentially ended with the U.S. Cavalry’s 1890 massacre of more than 150 Sioux at Wounded Knee. Melding history with reportage and memoir, Treuer uncovers a different narrative in which the depredations of each era also spawned new modes of survival, presenting a story of a resilient people’s unprecedented resourcefulness and reinvention. Treuer is Ojibwe from the Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota. He is a two-time Minnesota Book Award-winning author of four novels and two previous books of nonfiction.



Title: "The Cheechakoes"

Author: Gene Madsen

Synopsis: This is a novel based on fact. The gold rush of 1897-98 was one of the great episodes in American history. When the Tlingit Indian first saw these men and women packing their gear up the Chilkoot Trail, they called them “Cheechakoes” (chee-cha-koes) which means “Greenhorn.” Thirty thousand men and women from the United States and other countries headed north from Dyea on the Alaskan coast. These poor souls traveled by foot, carrying their required 1150 pounds of food plus their equipment, thirty-three miles over rugged country, fighting deep snow and frigid temperatures to Lake Bennett. Then they had to build a boat and travel 500 miles down the Yukon River to Dawson City. The lust for gold made these men struggle against insurmountable odds, for a chance to make their fortunes. News of the Yukon gold drew men from their $1.00 a day jobs in California to Alaska hoping to strike it rich.


Publisher: RoseDog Books of Pittsburth, Pennsylvania

Cost: $20


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