Best bets home edition: Brunch music, UMD art online, streaming movies and more

This week's top picks of streaming local arts and entertainment, a more-interactive-than-normal list.

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Brunch, now with brunch tunes

Remember when Saturday morns were made for Pesto Eggs Benedict with the sweet sounds of strumming from a local musician on a local stage? It need not be nostalgia, friends. Local promoter Ellipsis and others have solved the brunch problem with Let’s Do Brunch.

Jen West (center) (Photo by Erica Joy)

The plan: Order for pickup from Pizza Luce, Lake Avenue Restaurant or Wussow’s Concert Cafe. Adam Herman, Jen West and Teague Alexy will be streaming sets online, starting at 10 a.m. You won’t be able to dawdle at the Bloody Mary bar, filling your pint glass with gouda squares, but this might be a close second.

Let’s Do Brunch starts at 10 a.m.-1 p.m. April 16. Go to Facebook for menus and the music schedule.


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Dance Attic covers "Give It Up" by Fearless Moral Inventory (Duluth Does Duluth / Facebook)

Duluth artists do Duluth covers

The Duluth Does Duluth Facebook page is in its early stages, but oh the potential. It is a designated spot for Duluth musicians to post their version of a song by a Duluth artist. Like, Aurora Baer covered Actual Wolf’s “Faded Days” and Brandon Swanson has played both Rich Mattson and The Fractals. So pull out your uke or whatever and fire up a local cover. Or just keep your eyes on the page.

Duluth Does Duluth is a collection of Duluthians playing tunes by other Duluth musicians.

Dirk Meyer. (Photo by Brian Braun /

Beethoven bits from DSSO

Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra conductor Dirk Meyer has created a three-part, super accessible series on Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 as a way to keep local classical music heads engaged. According to an introductory post, he is considering videos deconstructing other great classical works as well.

In his first on Beethoven, he gives a short biography, ties the composer to Napoleon — then severs the connection, and goes into specifics about how the groundbreaking piece was written.


In other fun DSSO news: The staff and musicians have compiled a playlist of favorites that is available for streaming on Spotify. This goes well beyond classical picks. Billie Eilish is on the list, and so is Panic! At the Disco. But so is Brahms.

The DSSO Facebook page posted Meyer's series (it's also on his conductor page ), in addition to fun links like Stone Arch String Quartet performing "Sweet Child of Mine."

Suzi Ludwig and Jimi Cooper are Dance Attic. (Image courtesy of Jimi Cooper)

Dance with Dance Attic

Dance Attic has been extra active during the pandemic period, whether Jimi Cooper and Suzi Ludwig are performing in a sauna or dusting off a cover of a song by the local band Fearless Moral Inventory. The twosome is known for its charming odes to easy-breezy living and was scheduled to release its second album this week. Since it still isn't possible to gather together, even in the name of polka music, the band plans to perform the new album from front to back online.

Bonus, though: Dance Attic is hosting a dance competition with a $20 gift card to Wussow's Concert Cafe for the winner. Tune in to the concert, then post a vid of you or your dance partner dancing in the comments. A winner will be chosen at the end of the show.

Dance Attic performs at 5:30 p.m. April 17 on Facebook Live.


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"dollin" by William Peter, UMD

UMD art students post exhibition online

The University of Minnesota Duluth's annual Art & Design Exhibition is available online. It features 80 juried pieces in mediums ranging from drawings to sculptures to animation. The website itself is part of the students' work: it was created in Jennifer Gordon's graphic design class.

Viewers can scroll by medium, and each of the works includes details — sometimes a short and interesting description. Consider a charcoal drawing by Chieze Kaip, "Melancholy," or Trinh Tran's sculpture "Manny," an elephant in circus attire described as "animal abuse."

Visit for more information.

"Extra Ordinary" (Photo from Good Deed Entertainment)

Zinema 2 keeps on streaming

Zinema 2 is now in the video rental business. As of Monday evening, the site had five movies available for home streaming. The two newest are "Slay the Dragon" and "Extra Ordinary." The former is a documentary about gerrymandering; the latter is a horror/rom-com about a woman's love-hate relationship with her supernatural gifts.

Bonus: Programmer Matthew Dressel is adding a surprise movie at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays. Beforehand he reveals just a theme, not a title.


Information about Zinema 2's movies is available at


A social roundup of Duluth

Perfect Duluth Day has been collecting some of the best online arts-entertainment-education from the past week for the series "This Week in Social Distancing." These vids serve as the perfect ICYMI (in case you missed it) roundups, ranging from Adam Sippola's take on the song "Lean on Me," Charlie Parr's banter between songs, Amber Burns' tap dancing session or Jocelyn Pihlaja's performance art-slash-self care-slash-comedy. Visit .

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Sonja Bjordal and Lee Martin of Feeding Leroy. (Cedar Lounge / Facebook)

Live from the Cedar

Sonja Bjordal and Lee Martin of alt-country/folk band Feeding Leroy will set up in a near-empty Cedar Lounge on Friday for a concert produced by Tom Fabjance. The performance will stream on the Cedar Lounge's Facebook page.

Feeding Leroy plays at 7 p.m. April 17 on Facebook Live. Donations accepted.

Christa Lawler is a former reporter for the Duluth News Tribune.
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