Hundreds of people participated Saturday in the Julebyen festival in Knife River. Julebyen means "Christmas Village" and is a centuries-old Scandinavian and German tradition celebrated with ethnic foods, crafts, holiday decorations and music.

Highlights of the event included rides on the Troll Train, where riders learn about Norwegian trolls and have the opportunity to spot them in the wooded areas along Lake Superior's North Shore. There was a Herring Run where competitors had to run a frozen herring back and forth in a relay-style race. There were food and merchandise vendors selling items in several markets throughout the event. Kids used the recent snowfall to ride sleds on a large sledding hill.

The refurbished Knife River Train Depot was open to the public and received passengers for the first time since 1956. The depot was also used as the ticket office and boarding point for the popular Troll Train.

Julebyen events continue through Sunday. Check for a map and schedule of events.